Harm Seduction

Harm Seduction is afloat!  We’re so glad you’re here. Welcome

We’re a group of average regular folks who came together because of our common beliefs around harm reduction, redefining our cultures of hotness, and beause big movements like the Supreme Court of Canada telling Harper to stuff it (ensuring places like InSite stay open) make us hopeful for the type of communities we want to live in.

The vision includes:  to create hot art, to make connections between the stigmatization of drug use, sex work, poverty, politics, and the wars on people who use illicit drugs, the poor, and folks who have lessened access to decent healthcare and housing.  We’re about redefining sexiness, and embodying the paradoxes of what’s really happening in our own communities rather than solely theorizing about change.

We all have different ideas about what this project means to us… What feels important is that we don’t come to this work or art by any accident – safer living, and therefore safer using and safer sexing are all integral pieces to how we move in the world. There are as many reasons as there are people for why we’re involved.

For some, this Harm Seduction project is a response to despondency and desensitization of social challenges we see daily on our streets and in our agencies; its an opportunity to take healthy, creative risks to promote resiliency and daring during times of global re-structuring of how we experience our interconnectivity. Harm Seduction is about health rights and human rights. It’s about looking at our spaces of vulnerability, and standing in our ethics, while enacting dignity and doing justice. Its about shouldering each other up in good ways, and it’s about solidarity.

This project matters because we can’t solve our problems from within our problems. ‘Harm Seduction’ provides an erotic-caring for our communities in ways that bring loving and playful attention to what research tells us works. Harm reduction strategies unequivocally prove to be successful, are invaluable to the well being of our society as a whole. Moral and fiscal conservatives vote against their own interests by not supporting the hard work of those most closely in connection to populations in need of systemic support. Harm reduction = heart to hand, hand to heart.

We’re grass roots and entirely volunteer. We’re not affiliated with any group or agency or any particular cause or belief systems. We just happen to be the folks with the privilege of time and energy to be able to come together for this project.

We respectfully acknowledge the Coast and Strait Salish people for allowing us to continue to live and commune and work on their traditional territories.

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